Ranom off topic posts/spam accounts

Ranom off topic posts/spam accounts

Postby Pyrofer » Thu Oct 26, 2006 3:00 pm

If you post a totally offtopic post, for no reason it will be deleted.
If you post ONLY off topic posts, your account will be blocked.

I reserve the right to delete posts and remove users at will.

Please use this forum for discussion on topics it was meant for.
I know how viral marketing, spambots, capcha farms etc work and will not put up with any of it.

That said, if you have a legitimate complaint please raise it here, if you feel I have removed a message that was not in breach of these rules let me know. I do not want to kill free speach or hide ideas, I just want to keep them on topic.

People selling things, especialy phones, and even more so connected to Nigeria WILL BE REMOVED.

If you see such a post, please report it to me and it will be dealt with.


I now authorise all accounts by hand. This means I get dozens of spammers try to register every day.

If you are a genuine user, please email me at the address given on my contacts page stating your username, and I will authorise you. Otherwise your account will NOT be activated.
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