PICs and Colour LCDs

PICs and Colour LCDs

Postby mobs » Tue Jan 01, 2008 2:59 am

Hi Pyrofer, firstly I would like to say that your projects are amazing. I am in awe of you abilities :o

Secondly I was wondering what colour lcds you use, and if you could take a guess at whether my next project is possible or if a pic might not have enough horse power :lol:

I want to make an analog style needle gauge on a colour lcd on which the needle will rotate and respond smoothly to an input - much like the speedometer in a car. The graphics do not need to be pretty, I would be happy with 2 or 4 bits worth of colours, but I would need the gauge to respond somewhat smoothly. I have only used char lcds previously so I am not sure whether an 8 bit pic will have enough power to refresh the display smoothly. I was thinking about an 18 series pic @ 12mips for the display, which may necessitate another pic at a lower frequency to do the acquisition.

Any input in what to look for in a colour lcd would be very much appreciated :wink:

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