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New EasyUse micro from mBed

This Amazing new micro platform is completely OS independant. You can even develop for it on your netbook and some PDAs!
Using a web based Devkit, programming in C++ most people should be able to pick it up instantly. To ‘program’ the device you just dump the .bin file to it over USB!
No extra hardware needed. Mac, Linux, PC any OS can use the web platform and no software needs to be installed.
Its based on an ARM cpu and runs at 60mghz so its very powerfull.
This device is more powefull and easier to use than the recent Arduino fad, yet standard C++ means that a lot of people can pick it up quickly without learning any new language.
Relatively cheap too!
Just to let you know, i’m not connected with them in any way, I just think it looks cool! Check out their site and see for yourself.

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Amazing home made HID controller

Ok, I know the wiimote works with the PC, and its easy to interface the nunchuk using i2c too, but there is something more cool about an even MORE DIY approach.
Roll on Starlino’s USB HID gamepad.
I love the fact its so simple, and the code is available. Its quite well done and the HID aspect means no messy drivers!
Squashing it into the middle of a Wii Wheel was icing on the cake for me :p

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Game of Life, on a tiny LCD

3310 Game of Life
3310 Game of Life

Seems that I’m not the only one playing with Nokia LCDs…
The pretty 3310 LCD I love so much has been used for the classic game of life. I thought about doing something similar, but didnt have the ram on the PIC I chose so moved on.
RaDiKalDeSIG Did what I didnt. I must say its a good one too! With capacitive touch buttons to boot.
It seems that to get past the ram issue with the tiny PIC he reduced the resolution of the pixels/cells, but its still pretty high. Check out the site, but beware, its not in english 🙂

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Amazing C64 mouse project

A mouse for the C64 is not a common thing. Its a shame as there is actualy a whole mouse based OS (geos) for the C64.
If you cant get a C64 mouse, why not interface a common cheap ps/2 mouse!
HackaDay recently found some Flickr photos of just such a project.
Apparently a project born from the love or art. Pixel Art. How to create great art on an old 8Bit computer? A mouse of course.
I tracked down the project page that seems to have all the docs available including code to build your own!
Great work that needs recognition.

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Appstore clearout due….

I recently got an email asking me to renew my developer account, and noticed that it implied that not only did I require the subscription to submit apps and test on real hardware, but to continue sales of existing apps.

That means, when a developer subscription expires, their apps will be removed from sale.

Anybody not making money, or just bored will not renew, and as a result thousands of (cr)Apps will disapear from the Appstore.

This hasn’t shown much yet as the store is still <1 year old, and only a few thousand select developers got accounts approved before the store opened. However, in the months following the opening a gold rush started and every man and his dog started making whatever they could to push out in hopes of a lucky strike. After July, I expect mostsy in August/September a large number of these accounts will be up for renewel. I cant wait. I imagine the novelty of paying $99 a year in order to distribute free apps will have worn off. Also, anyone who has seen their sales drop so low they dont receive a payment will also wonder if they should renew. People who did it because it was new, for fun, during a gap year etc will all expire. I hear people saying, but wont it just fill up with new Apps from new accounts? I dont think so. The gold rush is over, the quality level has raised substantialy, and in order to sell an app you need to make a good one. There will no doubt be a constant influx of new developers, but I think it will decrease from the initial gold rush at the start. I also hope the new developers will be better, more experienced in coding and the quality level will continue to rise. In short, I see good things for the Appstore. Less chaff, more wheat. Good for Apple, good for developers, and good for customers.

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3D Project update

Ok, I managed to get all my 3D pic stuff including the new LCD and a nunchuck controller inside the tomytronic case!
Ive got the joystick poking out the top along with the buttons to almost mimick the original control method as well as the accelerometer still wired up inside for tilt sensing. Its all working off the original AA battery compartment too. 3AAs via a dc2dc to give me 3.3v which then feeds the PIC and LCD as well as a bluetooth serial transceiver for linking to another game, or to a pc for multiplayer action.
Check it out on the full page at
Modded TomyTronic

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Wii Nunchuk control over i2C

I decided to do something everybody else has done, and bypass the need to fiddle with input devices.
The nunchuk provides a nice joystick, accelerometer and 2 buttons all packaged up with an i2c interface. My new PIC24 board had the i2c pins free so I hooked it up, bodged together some quick i2c code and viola!
My 3D spaceship is now under the control of the wii Nunchuk. My next step is to dump the wired nunchuk I de-plugged and to use the wireless variety cheaply available. It was quite simply to get working with the Microchip C compiler for PIC24.

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Apple steal 3 months of dev time

Apple seem to have expired my certificates.
I should have about 3 months left.

So they told me to suck their balls, and apparently meant it. I can no longer re-submit my app because I dont have a valid developer certificate, despite only being 9 months or so into my ONE YEAR membership.
Apple so far have not even bothered to reply to my emails regarding their insults, personal rejections and now stealing 3 months of my developer time.
Im getting angry.

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Apple told me to “Suck my B*lls”

I submitted an app, its been repeatedly rejected for more and more bizzare reasons. During the last test Apple registered a Username of “Suck My B*lls”.

Should I put in a formal complaint to Apple? I am pretty sure now they are just finding reasons to reject it on some personal bias now.

One of their other reasons for rejection was that the support website listed in the info wasnt live.
Now, I may be a bit silly, but what has that got to do with approval of the binary? Why SHOULDNT I keep the site hidden untill after the release of the app. They never say beforehand that approval depends on a working live support website.