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LED P.O.V. Globe

LED Ring

Ok, Inspired by many POV projects on the net I started to build one. Ive always loved them anyway. My first version was a simple 8 led wand. Just wave it and get writing. Nice, but very boring and very done before.

At this point I found the led Globes that were doing the rounds, Makerfair, wired nextfest etc all had them. They look amazing. Now i’m by no means a profesionaly, but I decided to build one.

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Solar POWER! For my PIC and Nokia stuff

Solar Power PIC

Wandering around HK bored, I stumbled apon a shop selling an array of solar cells, I picked up a fairly large one for $40 hk and connected it up to my pic+3310lcd project. Bam, up it comes. Im going to put in a bit of power regulation and a cap to smooth things out, but the solar panel easily generates enough power for the large PIC 18LF2520 and the Nokia 3310 LCD.

Now I can play with it endlessly without worrying about destroying the environment with used CR2032 cells…

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Bluetooth and CF for Apple ][

Apple 2 Bluetooth

It seems that old computers don’t die, they just keep getting upgraded.

I do think spending 3 years building your own interface card to add USB, Bluetooth and CF to an Apple2 is pushing it a bit, but its amazing none the less.
Check out this Link to see the most astounding retro project i’ve seen in years.