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3310 Nokia LCD re-purposed

Boulderdash clone Unicorn Pic
Not long ago I saw this link for a 3310 temp probe.
Now ive played with other LCD’s lots, but this one caught my attention because of the low power requirements (It runs from a single CR2032 Motherboard battery). I built the Temp probe as shown on the site and it worked well. I had several of the PCBs made, and decided that the others would be my own projects with the same hardware. I wondered what I could push this simple PIC and Nokia LCD into doing.

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X/Y Laser pointer controller

PIC Output
A long time ago I decided to build a controller that would direct a laser pointer, The idea was to have 2 speakers connected to mirrors so they deflect in the x/y range. This allows the laser to be aimed around at will.

A simple Pic 16f84 was the controller with an analog devices Dual DAC. The dac has a lock on the output so both x and y get updated at the same time. The pic simply loads an 8bit data value for x, then y, then updates the DAC output.

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Retro Sega Joystick controller for PC


A while back when I was into Mame I decided that PC joypads and the keyboard sucked.

I wanted a controller that helped me live those old games properly, and so I took out an old Sega megadrive 6button Joystick. This was very sort after in the day, a must have for Sega owners. I decided it would do for the PC too.

I toyed with the idea of USB, but I finally decided I wanted it to be compatible with everything. The only PC input device I could think of that fit the bill was they keyboard. So I opened the arcadestick, and inserted an old pc Keyboard controller.

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Sun Steal Open-source Phone Thunder

Sun Banner

Have you seen the site recently?

A huge banner showing the new Sun JavaFX phone! wow, except, its not their phone. The FIC handset in question is actualy being developed for openmoko as the first opensource handset.

check out the pic on (at the top) and this,

FIC1973 Handset

The handset from Openmoko…

So Sun are trying to steal the credit for the development work put into this hardware by FIC and OpenMoko. Nice work sun, steal opensource credit for your own. Im sure everybody will love you for it.

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Wii Style Tilt controller for Gamecube


Ok. I love Monkeyball on the GC, but the Wii one kinda sucks.

I like the idea of a tilt sensor, but the Wii game is not as good as GC game, answer? Mod my GC pad into a Wiimote ! (Not the other way round).

I happen to have the exact same tilt sensor as used in the Wii pad, and set about removing the analogue joystick in my GC Wavebird. To cut a long story short, while it worked for a fashion, it wasnt playable.

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Nokia 3310 LCD with PIC


While I was playing with colour Nokia LCDs other people were playing with older displays. Roll on the 3310 crowd. This LCD is more suited to smaller projects, its only 84×48 resolution, has no built in backlight and is black and white only.
This means it takes a lot less power to both run it, and display things on it. This guy has taken a 1wire temp probe and 8pin pic to make a very nice standalone temperature monitor with the Nokia LCD.

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Augmented Reality Cameraphone games

arcade.jpgIve always loved this sort of thing. Following up from Mosquitos is another “Augmented Reality” game. The concept is simple, the camera captures the real world and the computer game is added to it. In this case, moving the camera also controls the game.

Available from Toyspring but currently for the Treo only 🙁

Now all the PocketPC phones have cameras why isnt this on my XDA? Come on, we want more like this!

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Complete site re-design

Well. The old site format wasn’t working for me. I dont know about you but it was getting a little cluttered and messy. It was hard to add new content too.

This whole new layout will let me add new stuff whenever I want, and make everything easier for you to find! go discuss it in the forum and give me ideas on what you want to see.

Link to the forum on the right, next to the shop :p

Well, I hope you like it