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I built a quad-copter (That’s for another post!) and bought a cheap chinese 6 channel TX.

It sucks (The TX that is).

I built my own TX from scratch using a 2.4ghz plugin RF module designed for converting 35mghz transmitters into 2.4ghz versions.

The base of the TX is a PS2 pad, the vibration motors were removed and the control chip desoldered. An AVR was installed in one of the “arms” of the pad where the motor was removed from.

The two sticks were connected directly to ADC0-ADC3 on the AVR.
It turns out the pad had “analogue” buttons and these were not good enough to trigger the digital inputs on the AVR. The solution was to fit 4 small micro-buttons behind the shoulder triggers to provide a good action. The top buttons were ignored.
These 4 buttons trigger the “aux” channels, sending a value around 1500 when off and 2000 when pressed. This allows me to trigger options on my quad.

To power the whole thing a small 500mah 3.7 lipo was fitted inside the radio TX module and a 3v to 5v step up adaptor fitted inside the pad. A lipo charger with mini-USB connector was fitted near the old cable outlet.
The LiPo charger outputs 100ma, so 5 hours to fully charge the battery, while the step up converter is capable of 500ma max, so 1 hours maximum run time.
I have yet to do a test to see how long it works in actual usage, but I expect more like 2 hours+ in normal use.

The code to generate the ppm signal is from an open source project called Funkenschlag by a friend from IRC.