Tomytronic 3D


There has been a lot of news recently about dismantling new hardware such as the Wii, PS3, Xbox360 etc.

Well. I thought id add to this by showing everybody the insides of something a little more Retro, but still very Cool. Remember the Tomytronic 3D? A kind of basic handheld VR headset.

Well, here is what its like, both inside and out.

pict0765.JPG pict0767.JPG pict0768.JPG pict0769.JPG pict0770.JPG pict0771.JPG pict0772.JPG pict0773.JPG pict0774.JPG

You can see from the last picture, the white plastic cover for the LCD back. This difuses the light slightly to get a reasonbly even brightness on the game screen. You cant see from here, but there is a plastic sheet over the LCD that has patches ‘coloured’ in with some kind of marker pen. This gives the game colour! Otherwise its a normal black and white LCD. Pretty much its a 3 position game&watch but the extra clever thinking that went into it made it colour and 3D.

There is only one LCD, this has both images (for left and right eye) on it at the right seperate for the viewfinder. Each screen item (say, a car or space ship) is actualy 2 elements on the LCD that are a slightly different distance apart depending on the distance it should appear to be.

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