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VoCore Alpha gets LCD with Doom and NES Emulation

NES Emu on VoCore

So I got the VoCore alpha a while back. It didn’t work. Turns out a design flaw meant a modification was required to get it running. I got two, and they were both b0rked.

The 0402 components required for the fix are what I class as “dust” and the two modules were quickly shelved for “future use”. Or not….

Roll forward some months and I manage to gain access to a stereo microscope and some tiny tools. I fix both VoCore and solder up some breakout boards for them.

What to do? Well, lots.

Firstly USB was configured with sound and HID as well as storage. I got a webcam and did streaming video, a USB sound card and played internet radio and fiddled with all the normal stuff openWRT gets to do.

Then I hooked up a small Nokia display (Thanks Sparkfun!) using SPI (software only, hardware SPI pins are not broken out on the VoCore alpha board). A quick port of an old NES Emulator later and I have this,

NES Emulator on YouTube (This is sped up as the emulator was slow when the video was filmed. I have since increased the speed to be almost playable)

After this success I moved onto the old favourite, Doom.

Doom on VoCoreDoom on VoCore (This video is realtime, but not playable as the fps is far too slow).

So current state is that the VoCore is a great little board that is quite capable. I have started to get hardware SPI working by hooking onto the flash SPI pins but am still having speed issues. The goal is to bring up the speed and then work on a framebuffer driver for the VoCore.

Any week now all the original Kickstarter backers will start to receive their VoCore boards and I think then the fun really starts 🙂