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Wolfenstein3D on a Parallax Propeller

My friend Baggers has done it again! His work just keeps getting better. This time its Wolfenstein on the Prop.
Running at 60fps its very impressive, using video output and game pads for control.
The whole thing is in 32k too!

Quote from one of Baggers posts,
β€œit has 4 renderer cogs, spliting the screen into 4* 32Γ—96 vertical strips and each of the render cogs rendering their section, it does this from the time the raster hits the panel, it starts the render cogs, which completes this task before the top start of the next frame being displayed. so you get 60fps πŸ˜‰ I then use the display area part of the screen to use the 4 renderer cogs to cast the rays and generate the display table, for the next frame.”
You can get the source here.
I dont have much info at the moment, just this actual screenshot of it playing, but I will add more here soon!
You can see the thread here on the Parallax forums.