The DTV is an all in one Commodore 64 emulator designed for direct connection to the TV. 30 games are installed and it runs off battery.

Many people have discovered that it contains a little more. Full C64 basic and other software hacks are included as well as hardware hacks to attach a 1541 drive and PS2 keyboard. I wont bore you with more details as you should already know all this if you are interested.
What I will show is my mod of the DTV. I used an original DTV v1 (NTSC only) as that was all I could get. Lots of people have the PAL version (v2/3) but I couldnt find one. Still, the LCD I have is NTSC anyway so I guess it worked out well.
Here is the unit pretty much finished and working so far.

The LCD was I think, originaly for airplane or incar use, hence the mounting tabs on the plastic case. There was a lot of room and ventilation in the case so I had no trouble fitting the DTV in. The biggest problem was the LCD took highlevel RGB inputs. A small (bigger thant he DTV itself) NTSC to RGB converter was installed, and bingo! DTV shows up nice and clear on the LCD.
Its not a TFT screen, I think DSTN only so not the best lcd in the world, I got it from a small shop in Akihabara a couple of years back and hadnt used it since, so I thought rather than waste money on a new PS1 screen as most people seem to I would re-use this. The fact there was space in the case was very handy.
Originaly I planned to mount the DTV in a seperate box with ports to connect joystick and lcd etc but fitting it all inside the LCD case is much nicer.

I had planned to have either a headphone socket or twin audio out RCA plugs but it seems the NTSC to RGB board also had an audio amplifier, so I was saved a lot of hassle. I connected a small old PC speaker directly to the amp and fixed it into the LCD case along with all the boards. The end result is that the unit has its own sound with no external connectors for audio. I may add a headphone socket for the future so it can be used in noisy environments or when you want to save others from hearing it.

Although I have added both the PS2 and Joystick socket I am not happy with them. I dont want nasty sockets and cables hanging out of my nice LCD so I plan to make it all wireless.

A wireless PS2 keyboard is cheap now. there are infrared ones and radio ones, both of these have receivers small enough to squash inside the case. There is also a way to connect a wireless Playstation pad to the joystick port. Id love an all wireless unit but space IS getting tight now with the speaker inside. Maybe the pad and keyboard will remain wired.

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