UPDATE – Rockfall removal from the AppStore.
I have been contacted by First Star Software and asked to remove Rockfall on the grounds of Copyright infringment. I can not afford a legal battle and am complying with this request. Rockfall will no longer be available in any form. I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience to yourself.

The game costs £1.19! (Reduced now from £2.99). Control is simple, swipe the direction you want to move. There is no quit button at the moment, just wait out that timer if you get trapped.
I am working on expanding the levels but designing and testing them takes time so I decided to launch the app with a small selection. Updates are free after purchase of the game, so you can get the extra levels I add by simply updating the game.
Please discuss any problems in the forum before writing a negative review on the apple site, I may be able to fix whatever issue you have quickly if you ask.
Alll suggestions will be read and im going to try to improve this to match what people want. Designs for levels are welcome toobut remember I have no way to credit the designer, so only submit them if your happy for it to be part of my game uncredited.

Im working on processing the scores at the moment, but importing the data into the blog is a trouble. I hope to have the high scores shown on the homepage soon!

Discuss in the forum.