Modded TomyTronic 3D stereoscopic PIC

Ok, Lets just get right to the pictures,

Dual LCD 3D Pic in Tomytronic Messy wires in modded tomy Modded Tomy

And a Video,

bothlcds lcdsoutside
what have I done here? Well, if you look at my work on 3D graphics with the PIC uP I took that, and added a second LCD. The 3D object is rendered twice with the camera in a different position each time to simulate the spacing between your eyes giving different viewing angles. Each of these seperate images is sent to each of the LCDs, one for the left eye and one for the right. Sat next to each other on the desk the two LCDs dont look very 3D.

I needed a viewer that would present each image to each eye independently while maintaining focus and positioning. For this I took my previously dismantled 3D tomytronic game.

Each LCD (128x160x8) as sat in the viewfinder aligned so each eye saw a different screen. This is similar to how the original tomytronic worked, except they used a single LCD with 2 sets of elements on it offset in position. I used 2 LCDs as mine were fully graphical and it was easier this way.

The PIC is the same 18lf26xx series i’ve been using, but overclocked to 44mghz.

Power for the system comes from the original battery compartment holding 3 AA cells, these go to a small dc2dc board that generates a good 3.3v output.

Its VERY hard to film or photograph how this looks because the camera only has one lense :p people that have viewed it directly can testify its pretty amazing full stereoscopic 3D from a PIC uP.

UPDATE – 14-04-09
I built the whole thing again using new hardware. A new 24H pic, a new 320×240 SINGLE LCD. Instead of dual screens, I simply used a logical divide in the middle of the single screen. It works well for mounting in the hardware.

UPDATE – 14/05/09
Ok. I got the whole thing put together at last! All the electronics fit inside the tomytronic, and it works. The Wii Nunchuck controller was stripped and fitted inside the case with the joystick and buttons showing out the top.

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