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Amiga Mouse to PC mod

I know a lot of people dislike the original Amiga mouse and use modern mice on their computers but I feel it’s mostly because of the ball. What would be perfect is an Amiga mouse but with optical sensor.
So I made it. For my PC.

I hate modern mice, they are all tiny so as to be portable. My hand is not tiny. So I took an Amiga mouse, gutted it, dremmelled out all the spare plastic and fitted the optical mouse mechanism inside. To keep the authentic feeling I kept the original cable wiring the USB to 4 of the pins inside. I then built a 9pin to USB adapter cable which goes to the PC. So on my desk I have what is visually an original Amiga mouse with a 9pin adapter going to USB on my PC. It works perfectly.

The buttons on the new PCB didn’t come anywhere close to the buttons on the top of the mouse so I simply added to small push buttons in the right place and soldered wires to the connections for the buttons on the PCB. The end result is a working 2 button Amiga Optical USB Mouse. I am trying to work out how to add a third button and/or scroll wheel without ruining the asthetic of the original mouse.