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Amazing home made HID controller

Ok, I know the wiimote works with the PC, and its easy to interface the nunchuk using i2c too, but there is something more cool about an even MORE DIY approach.
Roll on Starlino’s USB HID gamepad.
I love the fact its so simple, and the code is available. Its quite well done and the HID aspect means no messy drivers!
Squashing it into the middle of a Wii Wheel was icing on the cake for me :p

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Game of Life, on a tiny LCD

3310 Game of Life
3310 Game of Life

Seems that I’m not the only one playing with Nokia LCDs…
The pretty 3310 LCD I love so much has been used for the classic game of life. I thought about doing something similar, but didnt have the ram on the PIC I chose so moved on.
RaDiKalDeSIG Did what I didnt. I must say its a good one too! With capacitive touch buttons to boot.
It seems that to get past the ram issue with the tiny PIC he reduced the resolution of the pixels/cells, but its still pretty high. Check out the site, but beware, its not in english 🙂

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Amazing C64 mouse project

A mouse for the C64 is not a common thing. Its a shame as there is actualy a whole mouse based OS (geos) for the C64.
If you cant get a C64 mouse, why not interface a common cheap ps/2 mouse!
HackaDay recently found some Flickr photos of just such a project.
Apparently a project born from the love or art. Pixel Art. How to create great art on an old 8Bit computer? A mouse of course.
I tracked down the project page that seems to have all the docs available including code to build your own!
Great work that needs recognition.