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Manic Miner on a Propeller chip!

Manic Miner

A friend of mine has just ported Manic Miner to the Parallax Propeller chip!

Apparently the game is playable, and only requires the Propeller chip and a few passive components to work.

You can read his original post here
or just grab the source code here.

Here is what He said about it,

Pyrofer says:
whats the minimum hardware needed?
Baggers says:
prop + crystal + 3 resisters for video + 2 resisters + 2 caps for sound + 1 resister & 24LC512 or greater + 3.3V power
+ prop plug ( programmer ),
prop plug £20 ( expensive part ) as it’s USB to rs232
prop chip is £9

Baggers says:

oh, forgot you need a TV too lol
+ PS/2 keyboard
Baggers says:
and connector

So, for a few pounds you can build your own stand-alons Manic Miner hardware. Not quite a 30game DTV, but getting there.