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More VoCore, Sketchpad and Vectrex

So. I added a heatsink to the chip to control the raging fires, it helps but not a lot.
VoCore Heatsink

I also worked out the touch controller and hooked it up to the GPIO pins leaving the LCD on the hardware SPI (all working now). This let me write a little sketch app,
VoCore Sketch
The extra touch space at the top works as four soft buttons. It’s not very advanced, just proof of concept for the touch controller.

Lastly. More emulation. I ported VECX to the VoCore. Now it works better with software GPIO due to the time spent on each system call for the hardware SPI and the fact it does lots of lines. Each line calls single pixel drawing which is at least 9 bytes per pixel, all called individually so I can toggle the command/data register πŸ™
With software SPI it runs pretty much full speed! This is only a problem if I want to swap between my other stuff and the vectrex app as I have to re-wire the screen πŸ™