C128 Video Mux PAL


All in one Video adaptor and switch for C128

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Presenting the final revision of the C128 Video Mux!


Please add a note to your order specifying if you require this for a C128 flat and 128D or if it’s for the DCR as the spacing is slightly different and you will need specific tabs that vary by machine.
The DCR tabs are available to order as an item in the store.

This is the PAL version of the board

This all in one board plugs directly into the back of the C128 and convets the digital RGBI output from the 80 col VDC into analogue RGB and S-Video out.
An onboard video switch allows a single S-Video socket to be used for both 40 and 80 col outputs, selected via the switch. Analogue RGB is always available (80 col) and composite for 40 col on the SCART output.

Designed and tested over many months for the best quality video output possible this high quality board will give you dual output, single switch selectible 40/80 out on your 128.

This board comes with an included SCART cable to connect directly to any Euro SCART connector TV or video adapter. No other cables or adaptors are required (unless you want to use the composite, audio or s-video connectors, these are not included). There is a connector for 5v external supply which can be selected via jumper if required (normal power comes from the 128 via AV DIN).

Specification of C128 Video Mux – by Wright Appy Designs

– Inputs
– 8 Pin DIN Analogue Video from Video Port
– 9 Pin D-Sub Digital Video from RGBi Port

– Outputs
– 9 Pin D-Sub Analogue RGB via SCART inc Audio
– Phono Skt Composite Video
– 4 Pin MiniDin SVideo
– 2.5″ Jck Skt Mono/Stereo


– Single Output for both 40/80 Col
– Output Via SCART, Cmp Video, S-Video
– Manual switch to select 40/80 Col
– Video Switching Via Solid State I/C Switch
– RGBi-RGB via Solid State GAL with Brown Fix
– RGB to Compsite via Solid State Freq Controlled IC
– Composite/SVIDEO switchable between PAL and NTSC* (PAL OSC included)
– Audio output switchable between Stereo / Mono
– Mono Audio is 2 channel same signal
– Stereo – 2 channel, Orig, and uses Pin 7 of vid Port
– Internal Voltage selectable between Vid Port 5V
– External Voltage can be selected if prefer external supply

*Although is switchable on board, a different OSC I/C is required

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 116 × 80 × 40 mm