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Wii Style Tilt controller for Gamecube


Ok. I love Monkeyball on the GC, but the Wii one kinda sucks.

I like the idea of a tilt sensor, but the Wii game is not as good as GC game, answer? Mod my GC pad into a Wiimote ! (Not the other way round).

I happen to have the exact same tilt sensor as used in the Wii pad, and set about removing the analogue joystick in my GC Wavebird. To cut a long story short, while it worked for a fashion, it wasnt playable.

The voltages and resistance involved meant that the ADXL330 Accelerometer didnt feed anywhere near enough of a range to the Wavebird controller. Resulting in a tiny amount of motion for HUGE tilting.

Next step? A complete homebrew GC pad.

There is a guy that made a wireless SNES pad for his Wii, I intend to use a similar system but replace the SNES pad with fake WiiMote. The second analogue stick will be the nunchuk, and the Dpad and buttons will all wire up as best I can with the Wiimote layout. The controller will be a PIC18F series as they have analogue inputs. I can convert the button/tilt/analgoue stick values into a data stream and send wirelessly to the PIC16F84 receiver plugged into the GC.

Does anybody have a sacrificial WiiMote they can give me to do this? It doesnt have to work, just be in reasonable cosmetic condition. I promise at the end of it ill have plans for a complete Gamecube Wiimote ! ( I will publish all work regarding it and not charge )

I plan on using the same receiver system as the other guy, so that my GCWiimote will be compatible with his receiver.