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Fun with Skylanders

Ok, so I finally caved in and bought some Skylanders stuff cheap on ebay. I got a second hand Portal and game for the 3DS (for my son, honest). Now, it didn’t come with figures but the save games had 2 figures cached so we can still play.
Looking for figures I found the start set figures were pretty much nowhere to be found, so to get them I bought a PC starter pack, with Portal and Game.
Now I don’t want to play it on the PC and will probably resell the PC game, but out of interest (before the PC one arrived) I bought just the Wii game with no portal and no figures, just a disk.
The 3DS portal with USB cable WORKS with the Wii version! I have yet to try the PC portal on the Wii but as that has USB it should work too, plus it holds more figures.

So, it looks like for compatibility the 3DS portal is best, working with the PC, the Wii and the 3DS (maybe xbox/ps3 too?). However it only holds one figure because it’s smaller.

Turns out the system used is a standard ISO RFID so lots of RFID cards trigger the portal, obviously they don’t read as figures but its funny to see your oyster card trigger the Portal of power as if you put a figure there.

So, My figures arrive and I play. For no reason one of them corrupts.
I have NO idea how to fix this in the Wii version I am playing, but luckily I have the 3DS version and DO know how to fix it in that.
I place the figure in the portal and the 3DS offers to reset it, I do so and it “works”.
Sure enough, the Wii recognises it too.
Worried by this I decide to backup all the figures right away, The first two backup no problem but the figure I “fixed” will not backup and gives errors.

Is it possible the Figure is damaged? The Wii/3DS still read it but the PC won’t back it up. Very strange.