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New EasyUse micro from mBed

This Amazing new micro platform is completely OS independant. You can even develop for it on your netbook and some PDAs!
Using a web based Devkit, programming in C++ most people should be able to pick it up instantly. To ‘program’ the device you just dump the .bin file to it over USB!
No extra hardware needed. Mac, Linux, PC any OS can use the web platform and no software needs to be installed.
Its based on an ARM cpu and runs at 60mghz so its very powerfull.
This device is more powefull and easier to use than the recent Arduino fad, yet standard C++ means that a lot of people can pick it up quickly without learning any new language.
Relatively cheap too!
Just to let you know, i’m not connected with them in any way, I just think it looks cool! Check out their site and see for yourself.